Are Home Schooled Kids Anti Social?

I would not consider it a "perfect social situation", as it is an artificial environment. I learned more about etiquette, responsibility and charisma from my sales job than I ever did at school. School practically conditioned me to be shy. I think your sister will do fine, just be supportive

1. Anti American Bush now what ?

All I can say is if America is so hated, then why do foreigners still long to come here?

2. Anti-aliasing in Minecraft?

You can force Anti-Aliasing via the control panel of your graphicscard, but at this point Minecraft does not play nicely together with Anti-Aliasing. Graphical glitches and artifacts are appearing especially in the water and above torches.Just compare these two screenshots, first without, second with Anti-Aliasing.

3. Socialism...believe this is anti American?

People pays in their social security during a lifetime of work, if the government wants to give us our money back and give it back as much at as it was worth when they took it, I believe I could strike a deal with them!

4. Anti Religious / Radical Atheists are on the downfall?

Who gives a fcuk what you think

5. Is anti-immigration the new racism?

I am not sure anyone is anti-immigration, unless you refer to those who do not want illegal immigrants, which is basically all the world, except maybe the US who seem to allow so many, and often justify why they should be allowed.Racism is based on race.Immigration is often based on skills and language agility

6. how to download anti virus protection?

just get avg. its the best one and free

7. Can anti matter be specific (like anti water, anti iron)?

Yes.The issue is that anti-iron, anti-oxygen would have to be created out of anti-protons.Oxygen, iron are the result of cooking hydrogen in stars. We would have to replicate the process in laboratory. It will require my theory for people to be able to do that

8. Is coffee an antioxidant and/or anti-inflammatory?

I have not heard of coffee being either

9. Why is there anti-Hindi sentiment but no anti-English sentiments in South India?

I am teacher and i teach Japanese and German language. people love to learn new languages. Dont force them to learn any language. That is the wrong starting point. If you force something, that shows the attitude. Then you have to the resistance

10. Good Generic anti-psychotic and anti-depressant i can try...?

Abilify and Effexor XR do not currently have generics, but Effexor (non extended release) does (venlafaxine) and Wellbutrin does (bupropion)

11. Anti tags - Valid use or not? [closed]

Agreed. Your essential argument has been discussed before.I've gone ahead and removed those tags, since only three questions used it.(Copied from my now-deleted comments, which also means this answer might be accepted and the question does not have to linger in unanswered status as far as the system is concerned. Though I suppose it could be closed as a duplicate or too localized.)

12. Tourist in Berlin; Anti Gentrification?

It might be helpful to post the articles or at least link the articles here to know exactly what they are refering to. In general, if you know how to blend in and how to behave you should not have any problems. I think what they were talking about is the general "problem" of Berlin. This city has two sides. On the one hand you've got the "ur-berliner", people who have lived there all their lives with the famous "Berliner Schnauze" (which is more than a dialect), down to earth, honest people. On the other hand you've got these kind of people who are attracted by big cities, by urban feelings and vibrant, constantly changing and artsy places: Hipsters, artists, bohemians and so on. And the typical "Ur-Berliner" is not very relaxed... I think you get what I mean, do not you? And there's even more. Berlin houses so many groups of people with so many lifestyles, I think it is hard to think of a "normal" Berlin life just because defining "normal" already is a challenge. Use your common sense and everything should be fine. Be very, very careful around the Holocaust Memorial, do not sit on the stelae (even though you might see people doing so) and be careful around other places that represent the youngest german history (world wars and reunification). They are sensitive issues, even decades later. Just make sure no one feels offended or as if you were making fun of it, that's all. Even though I do not think it was necessary to point that one out, just for the sake of completeness ;) I hope you will have a nice stay :) ( Duh. I forgot. Or should I say surpressed? :D "Groer Tiergarten" is a very nice park. But you might see nak.ed men [and other people] if the weather is good. fyi.)

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Apple Has Applied for a New Patent for an Anti Peeping Screen
Apple has applied for a novel patent for the anti peeping screen, which can make other people who want to peep at the screen can't see anything without affecting the device owner's reading.After confirming that you are the owner of the device through face recognition, this patent can track the position of the screen you are looking at, and then display the disturbed or blurred content to the bystander, so as to prevent your "little secret" from being seen by others.1、 You're not the owner of the device. Don't want to peek at any informationMartin Cooper, the father of mobile phones, once said, "privacy is a thing of the past". The problem of computer and mobile device intrusion has long attracted a lot of attention. However, in daily life, information leakage unrelated to technology has become more and more unbearable.In this regard, Apple has proposed a new solution - "gaze dependent display encryption".The new technology recognizes the device owner based on face recognition technology, and then determines the current position of the screen the device owner is browsing through eye tracking technology.Once an unknown face is perceived, gaze encryption will be activated. Through a series of operations such as text scrambling, color change and image deformation, it will disrupt the rest of the screen, making it difficult for bystanders to recognize these contents.In this way, only the content seen by the owner of the device is clear, while other bystanders can only see vague or false content.Apple said that the anti peeping screen technology may initially be applied to iPads, iPhones and desktops, and is likely to be applied to wearable devices.2、 Snooping on privacy is a "chronic disease", and technology companies have tried to relieve the pain many timesPrivacy snooping has been a problem since ancient times. Houses thousands of years ago had no walls. Members of the whole family, friends and even animals lived together and watched each other's lives without hindrance.Early telephones used "party lines", where neighbors could eavesdrop on each other. When postcards first came out in the 19th century, the information in them was at a glance by postmen.The 1960 spy comedy get smart also talked about the problem of monitoring. The clumsy Maxwell Smart agent often talks secretly with other agents in the room size "sound insulation cover". However, the sound insulation cover makes it difficult for agents to hear each other, but it has no effect on people outside.Nowadays, people pay more and more attention to privacy security. As Andrew Grove, CEO of Intel, said, "privacy is one of the biggest problems in this new electronic age."In addition to apple, other technology companies have also tried to protect privacy.In 2018, blackberry launched privacy shade. Pressing a button will only display a limited area and block the rest of the screen. Typically, text is displayed in narrow horizontal lines or circular, rectangular areas.A year ago, HP launched its own privacy shade version in its EliteBook X360 laptop. After tapping the screen, the user can only view the screen from the central position. If it deviates from the angle, the screen will become dark and blurred.As for whether Apple will start to develop anti listening technology, it is too early to discuss. However, Apple has submitted many new patents and may be actively seeking solutions to this ancient problem.
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