April 2020 Photo Competition: Hotels (and Other Accommodations)

For sure not the most luxurious hotel in the world, but I really enjoyed it - big windwos, cold and snowy outside and warm inside.It's the Maxi Velingrad Park Hotel & SPA in Bulgaria.December 1, 2016

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Is wild camping allowed in the Maldives?

Yes. Although the government loves tourists who spend money, and most of the land is either owned by the government or people, you can go to Hulehule island and camp all you want.Ziad EL Shurafa


Install Windows on MacBook Pro without Optical or USB Boot

You can boot from an external USB drive from this MacBook Pro. Use bootcamp to copy the ISO on a 8Gig (or more) USB Drive. Then boot from it by pressing option at the boot chime.


How can I store my Christmas lights so that they don't get tangled?

Check this out for Christmas lights and all kinds of ropes and cords, from water skiing to mountain climbing, camping. Or, even amplifier cords, and musical instruments. Use your imagination. Or, visit www.kordkaddy.com


Can I play games made for Windows on a Mac?

You can use Crossover Games to run some native Windows games (only certain games will run well). A better alternative would be just running the full version of Windows in Bootcamp, VMWare Fusion, or Parallels


Boot Camp issue - Windows 8 on MacBook

After few hours of researching on this, I was able to solve the problem:I googled to find that this was faced by many Windows 8 users on MacBook Air, so no, it was not just me!


Is there a language whose writing is 100% phonemic?

Hindi. The spelling of a word unambiguously and transparently indicates its pronunciation; and conversely that a speaker knowing the pronunciation of a word in Hindi would be able to infer its spelling without any doubt


How do you remember the difference between a stalactite and a stalagmite?

Let me give you another mnemonic, closer to the heart of some:Stalactite titStalagmite you already remembered the tit oneThis is how we remember it in Dutch, in which language it actually rhymes: stalactiet - tiet


What sort of artifacts is Kannik looking for?

You have to leave the Citadel and travel to the Kite's Nest on the bottom right of the Milky Way.After you scan Vana, shown below, you can drop a probe to recover the artifact


Reviews on Quest Camping tents?

Hi, check out for a video on your camping tent, also you can call or bassproshops and ask to speak to a Product Specialist about Quest Camping Tents, there very helpfull and have good deals always


How can I modify Boot Camp Assistant so it can use bootable USB?

I have a version of the Modified Boot Camp Assistant that I made. It should work with your Mac.Download:


what to throw at a bridegroom

There is an excellent piece on this custom in Shorashei Minhag Ashkenaz. This encyclopedic work was condensed and translated recently and the article on throwing things in Shul was quoted in full on Hirhurim fairly recently


does anyone have a camping supply list or a link with one. i wanna make sure i have everything i need?

Have you never been camping before? I suggest you take



two tarps

rope or twine


jug of water with a tap on it (can get one at any Canadian Tire)




Upgrade to higher memory or faster processor on MacBook Air

This is how I think you should consider it:Percentage wise, the CPU is only an 11% boost noticeable only at very high usagesPercentage wise, the RAM is a 100% boost noticeable at mid range usage and up


How to make this friendly war plausible?

Maybe I'm a bit of an opportunist here, but I think the most plausible answer is kind of a mixture of other answers they've given here.So this happened after a "series of unfortunate events":


How to boot into macOS directly in Boot Camp?

If you go to the Boot Camp Control Panel in Windows, you can select the boot drive in there. This will be in effect until you change it again from within macOS's Startup Disk system preference


Unable to install Windows via Boot Camp - Unable to Partition

I guess you've solved it by now, but I had exactly the same problem with fresh new Macbook pro 2017 and I had to reinstall the system (MacOS). Then the installation of Windows 10 through bootcamp went fine


Do lure modules on multiple Pokestops in your radius stack?

yes at college campuses there are tons of gyms where many people stack lure mdodules X10.it is excellent.Also you level determines what pokemon come out and what your already have in your possession


How will you save Mike?

My (revised) answer: After rotating the first three wheels so that the blue glow on each aligns with that on the fourth wheel, this solution comes from the bitwise OR of the corresponding binary values.


Unable to use BootCamp to Install Windows 7 on my Macbook Pro

I had the exact same problem a few days ago. Reinstalling (no format) OSX did the trick for me. Takes about an hour on my 13" but after that I was able to install windows 7 on bootcamp.


Windows 7 File Transfer Speed over Gigabit is slow

Set the following settings:Network security: Minimum session security for NTLM SSP based (including secure RPC) clients > untick "require 128-bit encryption

Network LAN Manager authentication level > Send LM & NTLM - use NTLMv2 session security if negotiated


Any chance of math grad school?

If you want the option of going to grad school for math, you should apply regardless. By not applying, you are voting no on your admission. Rather than self-selecting out, let them tell you no.


Unable to Resize Partitions

For a start, you can go to "Startup Disk" under system preferences to start up into your old OS X from Yosemite. From there maybe you will be able to partition/fix however you like


Why are remote desktop clients (RDP) very slow on my Mac?

Try tweaking the Display settings on the Mac OSX RDP client.Go to RDC->Preferences->Display, remove some of the "expensive" options in the "while connected" section (such as: show desktop background, show themes, etc...)


What do you call those high areas that give you a full view of the city?

A common AE term for this type of view would be vista. You would also see this name attached to hotels with great views.a large and beautiful view of an area of land or water.


Do object-oriented programming languages exist that are not class-based?

Languages like JavaScript are based on prototypes, where behavior is reused by cloning existing objects. The Wikipedia article that I linked to indicates that Lua, ActionScript, and a number of other languages follow this paradigm


Robust Form Plugins for Craft?

Until the plugin store becomes an official thing, Straight Up Craft has the most comprehensive list of plugins available for Craft.Glancing through there, there are several form building possibilities that might do what you need


Yosemite and Lake Tahoe Road Trip Assistance closed

I just stayed in the Camp Curry tents at Yosemite. I believe this is what you want. Note, it's crowded. You will not feel away from everything, unless and until you hike into the back country


The Great 5 Year Anniversary Bounty Bonanza - CLOSED - mts won

Total number of bounties: 18Date - Question link - Bounty value - Validated by1 June - Is it easier for a westerner to obtain a Chinese tourist visa in Kazakhstan or Kyrgyzstan? - 100 - JoErNanO


How to counter Amumu jungle?

I would use pages like that to find best counter to amumu:I'd pick Lee - he is very very good as counter to amumu because of he escape and push


Can Microsoft RDC client use retina scale resolution on the MacBook Pro?

Go to RDP settings, add the full screen resolution of your Mac (eg. 2880x1800 or a scaled version thereof, eg. 1920x1200, 2160x1350, ...).Go to connection and choose that resolution and enable scaling. Looks exactly like Jump.


Should I use Parallels or Boot Camp to play video games on a Mac?

Parallels is a Virtual Machine, BootCamp allows you to run Windows directly on your hardware. Boot Camp will give you better performance. Some games run fine through parallels, others do not.com/apple/hands-on-gaming-with-parallels-desktop-6/


How to keep my shoes dry and smell-free when I'm living in a tent for 2 months? duplicate

Some hikers keep their wet boots in their sleeping bags overnight. Not very comfortable, but it is claimed to dry them somewhat. Their concern is not the smelliness, but that wet feet can get blisters.


Is there is tool similar to ShiftIt on OS X?

GNOME already has some keyboard window manipulation available by default. Take a look atyou may want to try using another window manager with more window control options


Who was the other person the colossal titan ate?

I suppose since Ymir is the dancing titanhe wouldn't eat her, which is why she is seen later. Supposedly he put them in his mouth for safe-keeping. Maybe that other soldier was grabbed by accident.


What should I bring camping? It is just my husband and I and our dog going camping.?

bring a tent a 2 sleeping bags .......alot of fraesh water ...lighter or matches a knife a cooler with food a rope to tie the dog up at night ,,,,,,,,,fishing pole .......thats really all u need


What beer is ok to drink not-cold or room temperature (for camping)

Beer is best to be drank at the temperature of 10C, but there are no real testing done on beer at room temp. You must do it yourself. It is pretty hard job to do LOL


Where can I buy a digital version of Windows 7 for Boot Camp?

You can download it from here :will need to have the product key to install it. If you don't have one you can buy it from Microsoft store.


How to install Boot Camp from content of previously created flash storage?

Boot Camp Assistant is already in Applications > Utilities. It doesn't need to be downloaded.If the card was good enough to install Windows from last time, it ought to be good enough to do it again


Boot camp: How do I reboot into Windows while in Windows if my default reboot is Mac?

You can change your default boot through Boot Camp. Open the Control Panel and type "Boot Camp" in the search box, then open the Boot Camp disk drive icon and select the system you want booted


Ethernet driver missing when installing Windows using boot camp

Didn't read instructions. Using boot camp assistant, I need to select option to download Windows drivers and burn them on CD. Then boot into Windows and insert CD which will launch an installer for the drivers


cold weather tent camping. any helpful suggestions would be great?

While it may sound kinda morbid the best thing you can take on a cold weather camping trip is a body bag.Lightweight and will keep you warm as you wanna be and rather inexpensive


How can I keep my backup camera lens clean?

The only turnkey solution I've seen. My friend from Germany sent me. The protective cover of the rear camera that he installed perfectly copes with the problem of a dirty camera.

Here is a detailed description


How to turn on Hardware Virtualization on Late 2013 MacBook Pro (for Windows 8.1 using Boot Camp)?

I had tried all the various boot / reboot combinations and nothing worked until I added the Thunderbolt to Ethernet adaptor. The next time I started up the Windows Boot Camp partition I could enable Hyper V


Disable automatic driver installation in Windows 10

Open Windows Services from Control Panel>Administrative ToolsOnce open find "Device Setup Manager" in the list and double click it, then change startup type to "Disabled"This will stop automatic driver installation for all hardware


Calculating a probability for an individual not selected

(I hope that by "a random person", you mean a given person. Otherwise, I have no idea what the problem is asking.)Suppose the person's name is Bob. Try splitting the problem into the following steps.


Web-based IRC for the Trilogy?

I like idea of campfirenow alike site for somehow, but unicornoverflow.com might be a joke, if you are serious, the domain should already be taken, but now looks like still available at the moment


Group camping - cooking equipment and eating utensils packing list

Going to make some assumptions here.Given the two aboveThat list should do you for cooking most things. That being said, as noted in the comments, a more sophisticated list requires knowing more about your situation


How do I make my Boot Camp partition bootable again?

I had the same problem. Refit did not work for me, however I did the following steps and one of them seemed to fix it. Sorry I can't be more specific on which step it was


Choosing one move from the two moves

I would take the rook with the pawn, because it allows you to move the rook to the corner and then pressure the white queen with your queen, in other words


(black does whatever)



Dual-Boot Macs: What voodoo is this?

I have now been using DeployStudio to apply both sides of these machines with great success for a couple months. Really great product and I can't recommend it enough for those of you deploying dual-boot Macs!


Where in the Balkans is free camping permitted?

I've been wild camping a couple of times in Macedonia and Kosovo and I've never had any problems.Your only real concerns are the small packs of Sharpinina dogs that roam the forests/mountains at night


Why can't Coraline's real parents remember the trap?

Maybe it is related to the idea that kid's minds are more imaginative then adult. Ghost in movies generally are seen by children and not by adults because the children are more open to other ideas


How to swap ctrl and fn key on a MacBook Pro running Windows 7 via Boot Camp?

I have used KeyTweak in Win 7 to successfully remap LAlt LWin and RAlt -> RCTRL, RWin -> RAlt

But Fn is not detected, even in AutoHotKey, so we probably have to wait for Bootcamp update.


What is the nativist camp?

A meaning of native is "one who was born in a country" - it's the opposite of immigrant or migrant.A meaning of camp is "side" - as in the sides in a conflict or contest


Tag issues (please add yours!)

Should attractions be merged into sightseeing? I'm in two minds but one thing to think about is that must-see has already been made a synonym of sightseeing but that phrase applies equally well to attractions

مقالات مقترحة
What to Bring for a Camping Trip???
What to Bring for a Camping Trip???
It depends on how long you are camping, what the weather is like, whether you are hiking in and out or just driving and setting up. It depends on whether others are going and sharing gear and food. It very much depends on how long you will be gone. It will depend on what kind of facilities are available such as running water, electrical hookups, toilets, etc. Basic needs: Food, water, and shelter Food - depends on how long you are staying. Will you be fixing full meals or "pic-nicking" with sandwiches, fruit and such? If you want full meals, and coffee or tea, you will need a source of heat (a small one burner stove is nice) although cooking over a campfire is good to but it helps if you bring a grill to set over the fire to put your pan on. Oh yeah, take a pan If you just plan on coffee, tea, or cocoa and instant soups, oatmeal, and such then all you need is boiling water, so will only need one pan. Be sure to boil enough water to do the dishes (wash and rinse) while you are doing the boiling. A thermos is nice to put the extra hot water in for a cup of something later. A bowl, cup, and spoon/fork apiece is kinda nice. I like to bring apples and lots of snacks like pretzels and granola and m&m's - things that fit in baggies and pockets easily. Be sure to bring lots of water if it wo not be available or if unfamiliar water upsets your system. Rinsed out 2-liter soda bottles refilled with water work well. If you freeze them first, you can put them in your ice chest and drink cold water while it thaws. It also keeps your ice chest dry. Tea or fruit juice done this way is good too. Shelter: Obviously the tent and a tarp or so. A good sleeping bag and a cot or mat to go under it. Extra clothes (especially underwear and socks). If your clothes for some reason become wet, it makes a world of difference if you have something clean and dry. Miscellaneous: Something to sit on. If you pack your stuff in 5 gallon plastic buckets, that also gives you a place to sit (or at least it becomes a small table for your cup). A flash light Duct tape A camera? A good book? fishing gear? Matches and/or flint and firestarter Bug repellant First Aid Kit Pliers/Screwdriver Towels (remember the Hitchikers Guide - always know where your towel is) A good knife A cell phone for emergencies only - but keep it turned off otherwise. And above all remember to enjoy yourself.1. Source of light when camping?Ever hear of flashlights? They are called torches in the UK2. How much does camping cost?tent, sleeping bags, food, clothes, first aid kit, lantern (electric or propane), propane, beer, and check with the campsite to see how much it is to camp there or if it cost money at all, you may need to reserve a campsite ahead of time3. Camping in Northeast (CT, MA, NY) ?Farnstock State Park in NYS is about 10-15 miles from CT. There are several lakes and some are quite secluded; one site I used many years ago seems to match your needs4. Camping site in San Diegoo?Carlsbad State Park on PCH. Oceanside Harbor as quickly as you are tenting out in San Diego you may choose to do it by ability of way of the coastline in any diverse case why concern,, you will detect mountains and wood in Utah,, you will not have the flexibility to substantiate the Pacific5. what to bring camping?Awesome idea, bet it will be a lot of fun. You will need some form of drink supply. Otherwise you will be popping in and out of your house for a drink. Some stuff for hygienic purposes. Body spray Face wipes Toothbrushes and toothpaste Mouthwash Makeup? Hair brushes? A few magazines? A bottle to play spin the bottle/truth and dare? All I can think of really, have fun!6. What are the best, easiest meals for camping?Chili,soup,stew,burgers and hot dogs,sandwiches,cereal,oatmeal, tuna and crackers,beef jerky,trail mix all can make an easy but filling meal,carry some apples and grapes or bananas for snacks
Camping Without Bears
Camping Without Bears
The jewel in my daughters septum piercing keeps catching the sunlight, it makes me smile as we put up the tent.Camping, in a tent, is not my idea but as we work together to put the poles and tabs all in their proper places, I am grateful to not have a cabin or a room between us.I have not brought her out into nature much; our adventure list is short. I wonder at the change in her and if more exposure to trees and birds was what was lacking.Or maybe the change is in me, in how at grounded I feel with my feet covered in dust and pine needles rather than heels that tap out each of the hours work necessary for the bills to be paid• RELATED QUESTIONHelp! Real roughing it camping for a girly girl?Well you should have a good supply of water so just splash some water on your face in the morning. I think plaid flannel shirts will look really cute along with comfortable sneakersWhat would be some good vegetarian food to bring or cook while camping?Enjoy the wholesome goodness of some spit roasted carrots. They taste great and are good for youHELLO... I said, do you like to go camping???i wanna camp so hard core and do it like bear grills on man vs wildwhat kind of toilet should i buy for my camping trip?The toilet I have used elk hunting is ...I take a plastic 5 gal. bucket and one of those toilet seats for a wheel chair person ( they fit perfectly in the 5 gal. bucket.).......always leave 5 inches of water in them and clean right after using....dig a deep hole up hill and down stream from your camp, about 100 ft. from any water source and fill with dirt after using...this way you can make a Tee-Pee and place bucket and a candle and roll of toilet paper in it on a box or some thing and all stays dry... get the picture.....and the camp stays sanitary !How often do you go camping with friends or family?I have only been a couple of times but I am going to do that this year. I love exploring the outdoors. I would like to go live somewhere for a period of time like Thoreau did for his "Walden's Pond" book. I think he was the author. He stayed in the mid 1800's in a small cabin for 2years, 2months and 2 days. How cool is that?.Ive never been camping before?the ground will be extremely hard, so bring like 6 thick *** blankets plus the sleeping bag otherwise it may be impossible to sleep. or an air matress...Does anybody know a good place to do some rustic camping?well i am not sure where you are but i can recommend some great places in northern kentucky and southern ohio. in ohio there are lots of great places to camp. one of my favorites is hocking hills. i am sure you can google it. also they are many places right on the ohio river where you can set up and camp and fish and never see another soul except the boats on the river. the ohio river has some excellent stripe's and bass and some big catfish as well. one great spot is near meldaw dam in ohio, near new richmond. have fun. be safeWhat coat should I wear when camping that won't be damaged through melting by embers from a fire?TLDR: military grade tech fabrics designed for air and tank crew uniforms.As others have pointed out you might reconsider cotton as an outer layer only. Be careful with waxed cotton as some have suggested, occasionally the wax is flammable.Wool is a good choice given your criteria.If however money is no object and/or you do not mind surfing ebay till you get lucky: The DOD and various of its suppliers have also noted that various outdoor fabrics have very poor flame retardance.To that end they have designed (very expensive ) uniforms to combat this. As long as you do not mind buying and wearing a uniform you were not issued (ie: earned) then this would certainly make the grade.keywords: massif, crye, cvc, nomex, aramidThis answer is probably overkill, but it's proven handy for friends of mine who do circus crap: fire blowing ,juggling or spinning.Do you think this is a good camping packing list?nice list , big party in the back yard?Need snack ideas to make while camping?Without a doubt, SMORES! Other than that, trail mix, dried fruit, oatmeal cookies, healthy snacks that kids can enjoy and are handy without special packaging or storage. We take these on the trail when were driving cattle, and they are a great pick me up that does not take up much room and is good to go without having to stop and dismount. Even the horses enjoy the oatmeal cookies, but do not let our cook hear that!.how do you get the musty smell out of a camping tent?fa-breeze!!!Please help me overpack for camping with a toddler?Get some natural bug repellant as DEET can harm kids - or that clip on one that's sold in stores now. Baby wipes - a LOT. Cleaning hands, makeshift bath & poop! A way to help her fall asleep - does she like a story? Bring her favorite books! Does she need rocked - be sure you can rock (on a rock, a cooler, an air mattress). Bring ALL her favorite things so she can be comfortable in her space (lovey's, books, cup,). A place to play safely - get a huge blannket & spread her toys on it. Medicines - if she comes down w/ something or gets a boo-boo, Tylenal is a good choice (wait, is there a rule for under 2 yrs of age??). Although - if she DOES get sick it's a great excuse to leave & go home!!! Hint hint!! Clothes - cool & warm clothes, 2 outfits per day. Just in case of an accident (potty, creek water, mud). Huge trashbags for dirty clothes. Hope that helps!I usually don't eat out when I'm alone, except business trips. It's really not much fun. Yet when I'm camping in the woods I thoroughly enjoy making a meal on a propane stove or fire. It's soothing. Why is that?Your heart is seeking nature's...or your heart and the brain is tiers of city juggling....or improper or unsytematiclly juggling between cities is resulting ineffectively that your brains know...but you are still trying .....despite of being tierdMake your business trips more effective there by meeting the required targets.... Ineffectiveness is wot making it tiers of trips and hence NATURE is wot u find easier Nd where nothing can be judged upon....But for human beings city is life not NATURE...keep it good for a picnicQuestion for people who go camping!!?anything with a lot of DEET works well.... also, if you can get a hold of an AVON rep... get some "skin so soft" that works great as well (see below)... a co-worker used to hike and camp deep in woods all the time and every year he would purchase several bottles/sprays of skin so soft and would not touch anything else... said it was the best ever (yes it was a guy)What can I do in Seattle? Also, any camping tips for Olympic National Park?For each Glacier and Olympic, I might endorse deciding upon hikes to entry probably the most splendid range within the ecosystems located there. For instance, each parks have a "rainshadow final result' so there's virtually a "rainy" facet and a "drier" facet to each and every park. Both parks have subalpine, montane, and lowland forests; Olympic additionally boasts a temperate rainforest and the coast. Both park web pages describe skills hikes so to select a few trails that curiosity you previously. When you arrive, you will come to a decision what is sensible established at the climate and recommendation from interpretive rangers on the Visitor's Center. You might additionally recollect guided hikes as this enables you to obtain customized awareness to make your mountaineering revel in extra lucrative.Are there any funny racial stereotypes about camping?keep runnin into black ppl? carry a flashlight. :) thats ******* messed up. but here u go XD original masterpieceWhat are the camping and outdoor recreation lead-based health issuesof NSW Australia?Metallic mining causes contamination of surface waters and sedimentation. Colorado has recently experienced severe contamination issues in the Animas River. The Snake River is also heavily polluted. Similarly, New South Wales has heavily-contaminated waterways. Preliminary research indicates excessive levels of lead and other metal contamination in New South Wales' household drinking water, with various locations across the state found to contain up to 20 times the amount of lead recommended by the Australian Drinking Water Guideline. Macquarie University researcher Paul Harvey is seeking to fill a gap in recent state-wide water testing, with the latest figures dating back to 1994. He will be undertaking a research tour of regional New South Wales to determine the extent of lead and other heavy metal contamination in Australian community centres. "Some initial tests have demonstrated much higher levels of lead in drinking water than previously understood, which calls for a much broader assessment of the current levels across the state," said Harvey. "So far I've discovered contaminated drinking water from ageing and inappropriate water infrastructure in a number of towns from New South Wales and Tasmania which showed to have lead, arsenic and cadmium in their water supplies. "We are unsure of the extent and associated health burden of such high levels for the Australian community, but the data shows we need to reduce the risk of lead exposure through drinking water. "My study into the contamination of grazing lands from lead solder joints used in large water supply pipes found significant lead contamination along the pipeline, which has been linked to cases of cattle lead poisoning." Past international research reports possible health effects such as renal damage, anemia and neuropathy.I have a kohler camping gererator. If I spray starting fluid into the carb it will start but wont stay running?Fuel starvation, the carb jets are probably blocked due to the generator spending most it's life sitting around with fuel in the carb. Drain the carb and tank, strip and clean the carb, put fresh fuel in the tank, and you should be good to goWhat should you do if you see a tornado approaching while camping in the wilderness with minimal shelter?Find the lowest depression available and lie down flat, face down, with your arms cradling your neck/head for protection from flying debris.Over the last several years, a lot of people have survived tornadoes only to die afterwards due to blood poisoning from fungus. The tornado throws rotten wood splinters everywhere, and the splinters can be contaminated with all kinds of stuff. If you get a lot of lacerations due to tornado debris, you should probably get a tetanus shot and some blood work doneSome help with camping skills?call someone that know that you know. internet is not always true and you can find out the hard wayI don't know whether to go to this camping party...?Yep you can get arrested or given a ticket it would be up to the officer then your parents are called along with a possable court hearing,fines,community service,etc.You can always make up an excuse say your not feeling good or you got in trouble with your parents and you can not go or you can tell your friend the truth a good friend would understand.If 25 people know about this I would bet there is alot more than that. And one of them will rat everyone else out go with your gut feeling and do not goShould i take my 17 month old camping where the temp is 100 degrees?NO-Her mind & body is not developedfood to take/make while tubing and camping?!?The meat department at your local grocery store may carry fajita fixings. They sell chicken or steak fajitas already marinating with vegetables. They are super easy to fry on a camp stove and serve in tortillas. You can make beans on the side. Make sure that you do not use any glass containers on the water. They could break and cause a hazard. All your beer should be in cans!
Posting Answers with Links
Posting Answers with Links
From the FAQ:May I promote products or websites I am affiliated with here?Be careful, because the community frowns on overt self-promotion and tends to vote it down and flag it as spam. Post good, relevant answers, and if some (but not all) happen to be about your product or website, so be it. However, you must disclose your affiliation in your answers.If a huge percentage of your posts include a mention of your product or website, you're probably here for the wrong reasons. Our advertising rates are quite reasonable; contact our ad sales team for details. We also offer free community promotion ads for open source projects and non-profit organizations.There you have it. On a personal note, I don't see a problem with this, if the post is informative as opposed to written as an advert.What I do like to see more is people adding a summary and short explanations besides linking to a blog post/website, especially if it's their own. After all, linking to your stuff brings eyeballs and possibly money, so you should be expected to provide some more explanation and information.Link rot is common on teh Internetz, so an answer that is basically just a link is useless if the destination goes away for any reasonBit of a ramble, here, bear with me...What are people's thoughts about linking to sites that you own?For example, on occasion when a question has been about a city I've been to (say Krakow) I've linked to my blog about there on it.However, we've also seen companies who link to their sites, with no added benefit.Where's the line? If say we own a site that, I dunno, sells camping gear, and someone asks about that, and we link to it? Or if we were the guy who runs seat61.com, every time someone asked about trains, if we linked to it, what about then?My opinion has generally been that it's necessary to add benefit to the answer, rather than link spam (which we've removed in the past), AND that full disclosure is necessary.Any further thoughts?·OTHER ANSWER:Bit of a ramble, here, bear with me...What are people's thoughts about linking to sites that you own?For example, on occasion when a question has been about a city I've been to (say Krakow) I've linked to my blog about there on it.However, we've also seen companies who link to their sites, with no added benefit.Where's the line? If say we own a site that, I dunno, sells camping gear, and someone asks about that, and we link to it? Or if we were the guy who runs seat61.com, every time someone asked about trains, if we linked to it, what about then?My opinion has generally been that it's necessary to add benefit to the answer, rather than link spam (which we've removed in the past), AND that full disclosure is necessary.Any further thoughts?
How Can I Keep My Fan From Staying at Full Speed After Replacing the Hard Drive?
I Just downloaded the Macs Fan Control to fix a 2010 27" iMac. I have taken my silver beast apart about 5 times, reseating the LCD temp sensor connector, reseating all connectors, SMC resets, NPRAM erases, flex capacitor reboots, and praying to Steve Jobs collective soul to get these damn fans to slow down slow enough so I can actually hear these friggin speakers.Macs Fan Control allowed the constant rate set for my 2 trouble fans, the CPU fan and the ODD fan. I now have to monitor my temps to adjust my fan speeds, but I don't crush big math all that often. The free program beats shelling out $800 for a new logic board for a bad temp sensorI replaced a hard drive in a 2011 iMac (Core i7), though it was a standard hard drive and didn't have a location for the S.M.A.R.T. cord. (Or at least I think that's what it was.) Since then, the internal fan has constantly been running. I don't want the fan to burn out, and it is becoming quite a distraction for the user.I believe there is a terminal command that turns off the fan, I believe by bypassing the S.M.A.R.T. test, but the Google gods are not forthcoming with this information. Does anybody know how I can turn off the fan?·OTHER ANSWER:I replaced a hard drive in a 2011 iMac (Core i7), though it was a standard hard drive and didn't have a location for the S.M.A.R.T. cord. (Or at least I think that's what it was.) Since then, the internal fan has constantly been running. I don't want the fan to burn out, and it is becoming quite a distraction for the user.I believe there is a terminal command that turns off the fan, I believe by bypassing the S.M.A.R.T. test, but the Google gods are not forthcoming with this information. Does anybody know how I can turn off the fan?
What Would Be a Reason That Two Superpowers at War Would Not Claim a Perfectly Good Island?
Various aspects which you can combine in various ways.The people who live on that island wish to remain independent. They'll put up strong resistance. They'll lose, but victory will be costly for the invader, and the resources consumed would be better spent on directly confronting the enemy. Note that invading an island is always expensive. You need a fleet of amphibious vehicles. You need to plan for many more casualties than the defenders, because invaders are exposed on beaches and defenders are well dug in. You need to supply your invaders.The people who live on the island will immediately ally themselves with the other superpower, and given such military support they could be worse than simply a distraction. So neither superpower wants to cause the island's population to fight for the other side (with support). Better they stay neutral.Any military presence on that island would be perceived as a direct military threat by a significant third neutral power, so whichever superpower takes the island may tip the military balance against itself, by bringing the third power into the conflict on the other side, or merely by finding that the third power imposes export or financial sanctions.There are no resources on the island worth the cost of invading it. Include under resources, location itself. In other words, the island might be an "unsinkable aircraft carrier", but its in a completely useless location from this perspective.There is known to be an endemic parasite on the island, to which the indigenous islanders have a degree of resistance born of long suffering and evolution. It's infectious. Think, maybe, malaria, but capable of spreading via bodily contact rather than an insect vector. Anyway, a very good reason not to go there without supplies of a hard-to-manufacture, expensive, and not entirely reliable prophylactic drug.The island is protected by alternating weather systems. The weather will turn against either invading superpower six months later, making its supply route hard and the other side's attack route easier.(SF answer with acknowledgement to the late Iain M Banks) The island looks to be a prize worth taking. Except that it is also known from history, that the last five civilisations which attacked it did not prosper in the long term. Circumstantially, the island appears to have something of the nature of a local deity or force of nature protecting it. So, are we feeling lucky?I'm writing a story that involves two superpowers at war. The main character has made a base on a large, unoccupied island that is easily accessible by both superpowers. Would there be a good reason that both of these superpowers have not claimed any part of this island even with the futuristic equipment they have at their disposal and the main character can?EDIT: It's hard to pick a correct answer out of this since I need to take bits and pieces from all of them so if your answer didn't get put as the 'correct' one don't worry! All of the answers were considered and helped me make my conclusion.·OTHER ANSWER:I'm writing a story that involves two superpowers at war. The main character has made a base on a large, unoccupied island that is easily accessible by both superpowers. Would there be a good reason that both of these superpowers have not claimed any part of this island even with the futuristic equipment they have at their disposal and the main character can?EDIT: It's hard to pick a correct answer out of this since I need to take bits and pieces from all of them so if your answer didn't get put as the 'correct' one don't worry! All of the answers were considered and helped me make my conclusion.
Warm Winter Camping Help (CALIFORNIA AREA)?
San Diego if you want warm weather all year. San Francisco is very cold and damp. No one was expected to survive an escape from Alcatraz because San Francisco Bay is cold enough to freeze anyone swimming across it. National Forest Service campgrounds are good for cheap camping. Alternate with Kampground of America or other highly-developed campgrounds to get a hot shower every couple of days.1. How are you keeping warm this winter? I don't know about anyone else but, I'm tired with winter. Anyone else?I hate cold weather too so I have some tips: Wear long underwear or flannel-lined pants when outside. Always wear a hat that covers your ears and a scarf. While inside keep your socks on and you will stay warmer. If you still feel cold inside, put on your hat. I used to always walk around outside feeling cold and not wearing a hat or a scarf, and thinking I was just doomed to be miserable, but I finally realized that long underwear, a hat, and a scarf, really makes an amazing difference. Try it!2. How do you keep warm in winter?vest top- t shirt-long top/jumper- big coat leggings/joggin bottoms- jodpuhurs-waterproof trousers(optional) 2 pairs socks n leg warmers 2 pairs of glooves this is wot i wear and im nice a snug :))) xxx3. Parents: how do you keep your kids warm in the winter?Well, we can not have the heat off or we would literally freeze - we are on the Canadian prairie. This last weekend we got to -47 C (-52F) with the windchill. These last few days it's gotten 'warmer', -35 or so. We keep our house heat at 20 C (68F), once in a while bump it up a degree. But we wear warm clothes. We have a gas furnace, our heat for a 1,200 sq. ft. home is just under $100 a month, but that's equalized over 12 months, so obviously it would be much more in winter if we were just paying for consumption - probably closer to 300/mo. Man, we are in different worlds, hey?4. what is good to put in a dog house to keep them warm in the winter?We put wood chips in my dogs house, but If it gets really cold we let her come in our garage which is a toy,TV, and wood pile room, so its warm, but she does not shed all over the carpet and toys because she stays huddled by the wood piles5. What are ways to stay warm this winter?You lose a lot of heat from the top of your head so a wool hat will be a help. You might also find some fingerless mittens to keep the backs of your hands warm. Get some thick wool socks meant for walkers and wear them over of your ordinary socks. You might even buy large ones that will also go over your trainers. Pretend you are going on a ski holiday and get some thermal underwear - it really works. Get yourself a small kettle and make hot drinks. Get a hot water bottle to put on your lap, or one of those modern ones that you can heat up in the microwave - they stay warm for ages. Try to keep your feet warm or you will feel cold all over. Do your studying in the local library if its open - they are usually nice and warm. Do an exercise program - press ups and squats will get you nice and warm. And try sweet talking your mum!6. How the heck can I stay warm this winter!?Besides wearing extra layers, you can get a good job, save money to move into your own place or another state7. How did people in cities keep themselves warm in the winter, back in the day?If you look in the basement of many older American homes you will still find the coal room, usually converted to a workshop or something by now. But it will have no normal windows and a metal plate at ground level that tilts out, this is the coal shoot. Coal was poured from a wagon and later truck down this shoot to fill his room, it was then shoveled to the coal furnace to warm the house.
White Pipe Waterproof USB Cable Camping Lamp Outdoor LED Light Strip Sale, Price & Reviews
• COD This product supports COD on delivery. Suggestions: Do not place orders with non-COD products, otherwise you will not be able to choose COD payment method. Ship between: , Estimated Shipping Time: business days Order Processing Time may require a few days. Once dispatched from warehouse, Shipping (or Delivery) Time depends on the Shipping Method.• You can enjoy a maximum of interest-free installments, and may not enjoy this offer when placing orders with other products• Sort By: All Hottest Most helpful Most recent Get G Points! Be the FIRST to Write a Review!• How to cut and connect LED light strip? For detailed, please refer to this post: How to Cut and Connect LED Strip Light? Be the FIRST to Ask a question. Want G Points? Just Write a Review!There are two key factors which will affect the time you receive your items. After receiving your order,we require some time to test the product to ensure its quality.The exact processing time varies depending on the item.The average processing time is 3 working days.but this can also be affected by the item's stock status. For small quantity orders,the processing time is 1-3days while larger quantity orders may require 2-5days. Typically 3-5 days to the UK, 3-7 days to other European countries. Generally, 2-5 days to the Spain, 3-7 days to the Portugal. Shipping from warehouse nearest to shipping address is faster. Additional charges may apply. This is a general guide and delays maybe caused force majeure, natural disasters, inclement weather, war, public holidays, and factors outside our control. Generally speaking, we offer free shipping for White Pipe Waterproof USB Cable Camping Lamp Outdoor LED Light Strip to United States (US, USA), United Kingdom (UK, GB), Germany, Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, Poland, Brazil, Russia, Japan, Greece, Austria, Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Ireland, Lithuania, Israel, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Canada, Australia, Netherlands, Korea, Turkey, Mexico, Ukraine, Romania, Columbia, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia etc. Please choose the shipping methods for the final price. The most convenient payment method in the world. For orders which exceed $1,500,please contact us at .Note: please email us the order number,the amount transferred along with currency type,and the exact date of the wire transfer. Please contact us at for details.Note: please email us the following information after you have paid via Westem Union: · Control Number(10 digits)· The exact amount sent along with the currency· Name of sender.· Address of sender With YandexMoney and Webmoney, it is convenient and safe for you to pay via credit card、wallet or cash For Brazil customers, we accept Boleto: you only need to fill in the payment information, remember your Boleto Voucher information and pay it within 3 days at any Boleto stores. For Mexico customers, we accept OXXO: you can choose OXXO payment on our website, and then remember your OXXO Voucher information and pay it within 3 days at any OXXO stores.Do you want to bulk buy ? Please submit your wholesale inquiry below. Please note we usually do not offer free shipping on wholesale orders, but the wholesale price will be a big bargain.How do you use Exo Terra UV Lighting Strips?Exo Terra Uv LightWhat size neon light strips do I need for my 2013 Kawasaki Ninja ZX-6R ABS?how much of a dick head do you have to be to advertise here?I had neon light strips hooked up underneath my daughters car and now it wont start.?The problem is probably either a bad battery or a grounded wire. Often times when a new accessory is added to a car it is just enough extra work to push an already weak battery over the edge, My other Idea would be if one of the wires to your lights or battery is maybe touching something which would ground it out and drain your battery, this is probably more likely because once a car is started they will usually run even if the battery is not working properly. The fact that the car started and then died indicates to me that power is being sucked from the vehicles electrical system, which is why the RPM's went down, the spark plugs did not have enough juice to fire like usual. I would give every wire associated with the new install a good look over, Search for exposed areas, cracks, crossed wires, etc.. etc.. As far as the water running out that will have nothing to do with this but you should get that looked up very soon as that is a quick way to destroy your engine. hope this helps
What Is the Best LED Light to Take Camping? Something That Will Hold Up with Its Batteries but also
Nothing and I mean nothing beats an old coleman lantern eather liquid or propane hung on a tripod support from walmart for 16.00 I have 4 of them they are great 1 of them I also have a clip shield sort of like a sealed beam light kit you can buy that is a handle attached to a metal shield that goes 1/2 way around the lantern causing it to reflect in one direction very good to use1. Wiring 2 LED light bars.?the wire size depends on the voltage (12V for non commercial vehicles) and the amperage or wattage the item uses and the total distance of the run. There is no way for anyone to answer this without the missing information. There are LED's that draw 0.001amp and others that draw 20amps. Check the amp rating of the bars and ask again.2. The Best Light Box For Watercolor PaperThe light box has found favor in several industrial applications from fashion and design to photography and even therapy for specific disorders. However, if you are reading this, you are probably interested in an artist light box. What is a light box? A light box also known as a light board is a special electric pad-like device that generates light. It uses the new light-emitting diodes (LED) technology to radiate light of a standard wavelength. The artist-grade light box offers a drawing pad with even backlight, which improves your view, especially in poorly lit environments. By placing your drawing paper on top, you have better clarity regardless of the surrounding light conditions. A light box is also integral for tracing designs and illustrations on nontransparent paper eliminating the need for carbon paper. It illuminates even the finest of details to ensure the artist stays within the course. The best thing about it is that it is a versatile device for various art and craft projects. But not all are created equal. If you intend to use a light box with watercolor paper, you need a device that is up to the task. Watercolor paper is typically a thick sheet and requires ample brightness compared to standard sketching paper. So what is the best light box for watercolor paper? The best light box has a strong enough light (high lux) to shine through thick watercolor paper. The size of the lighted surface should also be large enough to fit your standard watercolor paper size. Finding a light box for your specific needs can be a daunting task given the huge variety available in the market, but your search ends here. In this article, you will find a selection of the best light box for watercolor paper. We also highlight a few factors to consider before purchasing one. Light Boxes For Watercolor Paper - What to Look For Having a hard time choosing a light box for watercolor paper? Do not be in a hurry. It is essential to analyze your requirements as a watercolorist against the features before purchasing one. Here are great pointers that can be a starting point for your search. The intensity of luminous light (lux) produced by the light box is essential when selecting one. A suitable model should be strong enough to penetrate through watercolor paper. Watercolor paper is usually heavy, ranging from 90-300 lbs, meaning it is quite thick. Your light box must be strong enough to shine through this heavy paper and other artist quality papers. It is also great if the brightness level is adjustable to suit specific lighting needs and materials, particularly if you are an artist who works with a variety of media. The weight, thickness, and screen dimensions are an essential aspect of a light box. The size affects portability as well as the lighted picture size. A2 will accommodate most common paper sizes but A4 is the most common for hobbyists. Size decreases as the number increases, so decide accordingly. A light box will either need a USB cable or an AC/DC adapter to source for power. A few models are battery-powered but their intensity is not powerful enough for watercolor paper. AC/DC powered units are the brightest and most consistent. USB and rechargeable models are highly portable and usable even when you do not have access to an electric outlet. For top-notch quality light boxes, and most artist's materials, it's usually a good idea to be wary of generic products, as many are manufactured using substandard components. Now that you have some ideal features in mind, let's look at some of the top 5 light boxes for watercolor paper: An artist's tools are their everything. You wo not want to make this decision lightly. Read on for more information about each so you can pick the best lightbox for your masterpieces to come. One of the highest quality light boxes you can get your hands on is this bad boy from Tiktecklab. The A4 sized pad weighs just 1.45 lbs and less than 1/4-inch thick; you just can not go lighter or slimmer than that. But do not let its dimensions fool you into dismissing its capabilities. The LED light has a brilliant brightness sufficient enough to illuminate through watercolor paper. However, you can also dim it in the settings should you ever need to. The Tiktecklab Light Box is a USB powered device usable with a phone laptop or USB adapter plug. Couple that with its feather-weight, and you have a highly portable tool. You can quickly turn it on/off with a touch sensor switch by tapping it or grazing it to adjust brightness. There is an on-screen ruler/scale in case you need to use one. There are also four anti-skidding rubber pads at the bottom four corners if you do not want to scratch your beautiful surfaces. It is a smart portable and affordable choice for artists with subtle but thoughtful nuances that make it the best light box for watercolor paper. The new and improved Artograph light tracer is a tough one. It not only delivers above and beyond expectations but will also stay with you for the longest time. It has a sturdy yet lightweight ABS plastic build that can withstand everyday wear and tear from heavy use. The slightly wedged body positions the screen at an angle for a comfortable view without straining the neck or back. It utilizes a six-foot power cord that ensures a consistent soft diffuse white LED light without flickering, unlike earlier versions that had changeable fluorescent bulbs. Can it handle the thickness of watercolor paper? Absolutely. The Tracer produces up to 14000 lux of light, which is more than enough intensity even for the thickest watercolor paper. It could be much better if the light were dimmable. Its design also makes it somehow bulky with twice the thickness and weight of other models. Still, you get two accommodating size options: 10 x 12 and 12 x 18. Each has an onboard slot and a secure in-built storage tray for those small art tools. Artograph is made in the US so you can only expect the best craftsmanship and quality assurance. The price is a true reflection of what you will get. Totally worth it for an accessory that will serve you for many years. If you are looking for something aesthetically pleasing, this light box from Litenergy is the deal. It has a sleek design with acrylic panels and comes in four color variants; candy pink, neon green, silver, and black. Measuring just 5mm (0.2inches) thick and weighing 1.5lbs, it is slim and ultralight too; you wo not wear out your hands. Performance-wise, the light box can hold up to a variety of tasks. Thanks to its 4000 lux brilliant LED light, you wo not have issues even with thick sheets like watercolor paper. It is flicker-free with eye protection technology. You can work long hours without excessively straining or damaging your sight. You are able to adjust the brightness to your taste by simply long pressing the touch start button. The device has a good memory and does not reset brightness when you turn it off. In the box is a USB cable that you can plug in any device or USB adapter to power the device. Once it clicks in, it stays steady. You can easily find the cord in local stores and replace it if worn out or lost. For the price, it is a solid light box that the casual artist and hobbyists who want the convenience of drawing and painting occasionally anywhere will love to have. Huion is a fairly new player in the market, and their electric hand-held writing devices come with the latest technology. This acrylic construction light box, for instance, is sturdy and beautiful. Its most terrific selling point perhaps is the large working surface measuring 16.9 x 12.2. There's plenty of room for a variety of paper sizes. Despite the oversized screen, you wo not believe how thin and light it is. It weighs only 3.75 lbs and is 0.3 inches (7.62mm) thick. It's a comfortable size to use on your lap without fatigue. The screen has an onboard scale in case you need it. The rapid response one-touch switches it on/off. Stepless brightness adjustment is just a long press away on the same button. The highest setting goes upto a super bright 4050 lux, surpassing other models from the same family (Huion) and making it an ideal light box for watercolor paper. It comes with a 12V US power adapter that does not overheat the device despite long working hours. So you can work on bulky projects with the same consistency without worrying about damaging the system. Skimming through hundreds of brands for a great light box is burdensome, but getting a good one under 20 dollars is almost virtually impossible. The Comzler goes against all the odds to offer the most affordable light board while maintaining acceptable quality standards. What does it have to offer for the price? Well the 9 x 13 screen is lit evenly with three adjustable intensity settings. You can switch between them with an easy-to-use touch-sense button that also turns the device on and off. The LED light has a low, medium, and high intensity mode. The highest setting is so bright it will illuminate even a 140 lbs watercolor paper. You might struggle with intricate details if using 300 lbs. Unlike the rest of the products in this review, it allows users to attach the paper using magnets onto the surface to pin it accurately in position. This is especially helpful for kids -you know they can not keep still and steady. It is also ultra- thin, measuring 0.2 inches wide and lightweight, too, so young hands can handle it without any problems. A USB cable that comes with the device needs to be connected to a power supply to turn it on. This is a highly giftable, low budget light box ideal for young artists, beginner artists, or anyone looking to hone their artistic skills. How to Transfer Drawings Onto Watercolor Paper With a Light Box Using a light box is simple. You will place your reference image on the lit light board and then secure the watercolor paper on top of them, either using magnets for magnetic lightboards or adhesive tape. You can now trace the image. It's best to use a very light pencil so that the outlines do not show once you actually get to coloring. Expert level artists can skip the pencil and color directly, depending on their medium. 140 lbs watercolor paper (which is the most popular) or anything lighter will work just fine with any one of the above light box recommendations for watercolor paper. Anything heavier, and it will be a little hard to trace the less bold lines. Up Next: The 5 Best Watercolor Crayons3. Why did the police car only turn on his led light bar and not his emergency sirens?He's probably just a temperamental d***che
8 Best Camping Flashlights for Your next Adventure in 2021
When you go camping, you need to provide your own light source for the dark hours of the night. You leave the city with all its lights and brightness behind. You are probably thinking that to have a flashlight on hand is one of the first camping essentials, but sometimes the most obvious thing is the one we overlook. The question is which flashlight should you bring? Will a lantern, torch style, or headlamp style might be the best fit for your needs? There are several factors to consider when choosing a flashlight for your next camping trip. The variety of choices available on the market make the choice more difficult than simply grabbing a flashlight from the shelf. You will want a good quality flashlight that is lightweight but illuminates your way. Your best choices will fit easily into your gear without taking up too much space. Rechargeable, water-resistant, and LED are all available features in a variety of styles. Here we go, 8 of the best flashlights for camping: One of the biggest selling points of this flashlight comes in its name. As a result, you do not need to use disposable batteries to charge it. It also provides a considerable amount of quality as it is especially bright. Although its exact number of lumens is not revealed, it is believed to be around 350. Regardless, it can light an area 600 feet ahead of you. Another benefit offered by this camping flashlight is its strong-magnet feature, which allows you to, in many cases, have both of your hands free to focus on what you are working on. This can come in especially handy if you are using it to set up or fix your tent in the middle of the night. You can also use it in a rainstorm, but it is recommended to not use it while immersed in a body of water. Meanwhile, it takes up minimal space in your backpack, coming in at 4.7 inches, while it weighs just 3 ounces. In fact, you could simply place it in your pocket instead. However, do take into account that some users have stated that the battery that it comes with drains faster than they would prefer. The Amuoc Tactical Flashlight is small enough to fit in your pocket, backpack, or purse for ultimate portability. It's powered by 3 standard AAA batteries or a single button style rechargeable Lithium-ion battery. This light features a CREE T6 LED chip to make it super bright. The LED bulb provides S1000 lumens to provide focus up to 1000 feet away or to light an entire room with bright light. Easily adjust between high, medium, low, strobe, and SOS modes with the tap of a button. To focus the beam of light, rotating the head of the flashlight allows you to zoom in on an object or out for a wider beam. A lotus top design helps to protect the lens of the flashlight. Waterproof construction makes it perfect to use in any kind of weather. The light is designed to be durable for use in multiple situations. It's even rated to be explosion-proof. If you are looking for a comfortable-feeling, lightweight, high-quality and bright camping flashlight that you can wear on your head, this might be your best option. Many users have reported that it offers tremendous brightness for its size while you can also easily reduce that brightness to two other relatively lighter options, or, by pressing the power button for three seconds, utilize its red-light mode. In addition, its band is easily adjustable, allowing it to readily fit heads of varying sizes. In other words, this would be just as useful for a child as it would be for an adult. They are also easily adjustable directionally. For example, you can tilt them down when you are coming upon others or are entering residential areas so as to not bother those individuals. As for the estimated lumens being used, most users have estimated the highest setting being up to 200 with the lower one coming in at around 50-75. Do note that this headlamp requires a pair of AAA batteries, which are not included. With the weight of those batteries added, each of these flashlights weighs 3 ounces. The GearLight LED Tactical Flashlight is designed to handle rough treatment. It can be dropped from a height of up to 10 feet or be submerged in water for a short time and continue to work. This light is ideal for a variety of uses. It's compact enough to carry in a pocket, backpack, or purse. Since this is a 2 pack, you can choose to leave one at home and carry one with you or keep one and give one to a friend or family member. The LED bulb makes this light 10 times brighter than a traditional incandescent flashlight. It can light a room for hours powered by 3 AAA batteries. If you need more focused light, this flashlight can focus on an object up to 1000 feet away. Five settings and adjustable focus allow you to choose the width of the beam from the flashlight. High, medium, low, SOS, and strobe settings make this light useful in a variety of situations. None Perfect for hiking, camping, and emergency use. The LE Rechargeable LED Camping Lantern features 5 light modes. There is a front spotlight mode, left side mode, and a right side mode that features a red flashing light. The multiple modes make this flashlight appropriate for a variety of uses. This super bright light features a CREE T6 LED light that provides you with 1000 lumens of brightness. The bright light has an irradiation distance of up to 1650 feet. While the lantern is large, it is lightweight. It weighs less than 30 ounces. The lightweight nature of this lantern makes it portable enough for a child to successfully carry it. When it's fully charged, the main light works up to four or five hours. The side white light can work from five to twelve hours. In an emergency, this rechargeable lantern can also serve as a power bank for charging your smartphone to keep you connected to the world around you. None 3600mAh power bank for charging phones or other devices. The Wsky Rechargeable Camping Lantern Flashlight is ideal for camping, hiking, or searching for lost items. It's designed to be used as either a flashlight or a lantern. With six lighting modes, this lantern provides a multifunctional light source. There is a red light mode that is ideal for use in an emergency situation. The torch lights for use as a flashlight while the exterior features 360-degree lighting to function as a lantern. You can say goodbye to having to remember to purchase batteries for your light with this lantern. It operates on a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. Not only does that battery power the lantern, but also it is able to function as a convenient power block for your phone or other devices. Use the handle to carry the lantern like a flashlight. Alternatively, use the two-way hanging hook to hang the lantern to light your campsite or tent when camping. While hanging, the dimension of illumination is extended. This lantern is designed to withstand rain or other rough weather. Its rubber exterior makes it both durable and water-resistant. The lantern has been rated to withstand hurricane weather as well as earthquakes. None Suitable for both adults and children. None Ideal for camping, hiking, and other outdoor use. The Energizer LED Headlamp is the perfect personal light source for camping, hiking, and other outdoor activities. Designed to be worn on your head, the light is a hands-free device. The light switches between high and low modes and shines for up to 35 meters or just over 100 feet. It's bright enough for reading or performing other tasks around the campsite. It's a static light meaning that the headlamp remains stationary and does not pivot. A washable headband makes this a durable personal lighting choice. The headband adjusts to fit almost any size making it appropriate for both adults and children. The adjustable band helps to keep the lamp firmly in place when performing more active tasks like jogging or running. The lightweight, comfortable headlamp is virtually indestructible. Even dropping it from a distance of a little more than 3 feet will not destroy this durable light. This easy to use headlamp is ready for use as soon as you remove it from the box with the included Energizer Max batteries. The simple, reliable headlamp makes a great gift for any outdoor enthusiast regardless of age. The BINWO Super Bright LED Tactical Flashlight features a bright LED bulb that creates a large floodlight or a more focused spotlight. The intense spotlight beam reaches a distance of over 600 feet. This high-performance flashlight is designed to work for approximately 50,000 hours. You can easily switch between five light modes to provide the appropriate lighting for your activity. Fully pressing the switch on the light switches it on or off. A half-press on the switch allows you to toggle between high, medium, low, strobe, and SOS light modes. Adverse weather conditions are not an issue with this durable, waterproof flashlight. An aluminum alloy body makes the flashlight a sturdy choice for daily use. The skidproof, abrasion-resistant construction makes this an appropriate choice for long-term usage. The compact mini size of this flashlight makes it easily portable. It fits easily in a pocket or bag. The size in combination with the easy-to-use tail switch design makes this a light that is easily operated with one hand. When you are camping or engaging in other outdoor activities, it's important to have a durable, quality light source. Considering the activity in which you are engaged will help you to choose the appropriate light for you. Torch style flashlights are typically hand-held models with a focused beam. They are usually highly portable and easily operated with one hand. Many of them are compact enough to fit into a pocket, purse, or backpack. Another highly portable style of light source is the headlamp style. These are designed to be worn on your head, and that makes them a more personal style of light. Typically, they do not illuminate as large an area as a torch style, but they do produce enough light for individual activities. The lantern style of light is designed to light a larger area than either a headlamp or a torch style light. Many of them are designed to be hung to light an entire campsite. Some of these style lights also feature a torch function to enable the use of more focused light. The selections we have highlighted here offer a variety of light modes for adjusting the intensity of the light beam they provide. Many of them offer a zoom feature to focus on an object at a distance. They all feature LED lights for ultra-bright light. Each style of light we've highlighted share some features. Choosing the appropriate flashlight for your next trip should be based on your personal preference and your choice of activities.1. LED lights use less energy and last longer than incandescent but Trump says "No"?wife: does this dress make me look fat? husband: no,..2. What do you call this LED lights?hello led ceiling panel light3. How can I build a passive or active solar energy system for a one square foot model house? It's for my AP Environmental Science project and I have no clue where to begin. It also has to be able to work.Use the miniature solar cells from something cheap like lights for garden paths, etc. Walmart's has a lot of stuff with these. That delivery 1.9 volts plenty to run led lights
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