Any Suggestions on Teaching a Child About How Our Lives Revolve Around the Clock and Time?

Any suggestions on teaching a child about how our lives revolve around the clock and time?

Just get a cooking timer. State you have X amount of minutes and set the timer. When it goes off, be stern and allow no excuses

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How do you manage baby formula at night?

I was given a great bottle warmer when I had my daughter. It had cooling and heating on a timer. It held three bottles. All I had to do was prepare the bottles before bed and place them in the warmer (cooler setting) then set the timer. The first bottle was ready when my daughter woke. All I had to do was set it again for the next bottle. It was a life saver.

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First timers sex tips?

You have got some good answers already.Do not worry, everything will come automatically

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Problem with automatic watering - please help!?

There's two type of the irrigation control system ,24 volt digital screen ( programing) and wiring to each solenoid bobbin valve command ,which is supply 2 or more sprinkler . battery system ,or solar panel system control ,which is installed directly on each valve mechanism . Both system required timer programing ,first set the recent time and then program period of the timer . In general water must be on before control (solenoid bobbin ) which timer inside the control will be on at set point and water will run to the pipes (sprinkler). Basically an automatic controller is a Valve and you need to check manual that for what psi it is design ,may pressure of water in england it's lower or more than the US water pressure.This will cause that spring inside the controller show resistance or loose . Another problem during installation on pipe line it's air gap ,which you should allow to air coming out of system to act normally .

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Iterate through series of timers

If you only need the entries once, you could simply keep using shift until there are no more entries:I would also suggest to not make the type of the variable part of the variable name. exercise and exercises are much easier to read than exerciseArray and exerciseObject

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Do you like this photograph (different one)?

i was thinking its a 8 or 10 years old kid pic as i write in my answer of your last question,now you tell its you,its means your editing change your looking,anyway your lens make your eyes bigger, here's a tip take your picture from a little distance it will make you more photogenic,you can use the timer if you do't have any helper

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I have a hot tub that runs for 5 seconds than shuts off, anyone have any ideas that I can try to fix it?

not being a smart a$$ but sometimes you get what you pay for,have you checked the timer switch and all the wiring?is it a typical 240volt hook up and you are sure its wired in the right way.can you go to the nordic web site and see if they have a trouble shooting section,sorry not a lot of help but it sounds like it could be in the timer

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How to stop water spraying from spigot?

Did you insert a rubber gasket in the inlet of the timer?

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Is a 5 year old too young to be grounded for a day?

a five year old is old enough to know the difference between right and wrong so firmly sit her down with no distraction and explain you do not care for her behavior and have her learn that a bad action will be followed with a reaction such as taking items away or sitting on the time out chair for a period of 5 minutes set a kitchen timer for this if she get up place her back on the chair and reset the timer. You may have to find the trigger for her behavior for the past two weeks to increase and then work from there. What Your husband is suggesting is a little extreme to me but limit her activities and have her in sight would work better. May you can have your pastor talk to her she may tell him what is up and why she is acting the way she is.

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