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1. Was is the most reliable and effective brand of Sous Vide machines?

I think Anova is simple to use & reliable: Anova Culinary | Cook sous vide at home

2. Time and temperature for converting collagen to gelatin in chuck roast cooked sous vide?

Since asking the question, I came across this paper by Douglas Baldwin: Sous vide cooking: A review which is as close to a chart that I've found. It goes into a bit more detail than the his site.So, next time, I will try 135 F (to stay below the 140 F temp mentioned in the last paragraph) since my previous attempt with 131 F was just too slow.

3. Seasoning chicken in sous vide?

Experiment: cook four boneless, skinless thighs in a sous vide bath at 165F. 1) 3.5 hours pre-seasoned with kosher salt, both sides 2) 3.5 hours no salt 3) 8 hours pre-seasoned 4) 8 hours no saltResult: there was a bigger difference between the seasoned and unseasoned 3.5-hour thighs. The un-salted (beforehand) had a better texture than the pre-seasoned one. There was a much more minor difference between the two at eight hours, but I still preferred the one that was not pre-seasoned. Between the four the eight-hour, un-seasoned thigh was best. I will also try this test with white meat but I expect similar results.

4. Can you make hollandaise in a sous vide?

Yes.I set the water to 147F, then put two egg yolks, a stick of butter and a couple of tablespoons of lemon juice in a ziplock and put in the water for 45 min. I usually also cook poached eggs in another bag at the same time. If I'm feeling ambitious, I might also reduce a shallot in white wine vinegar while the water is heating up and add that to the Hollandaise. After it is done, I empty the bag into a cup and use an immersion blender to whip it smooth.Can you make hollandaise in a sous vide?

5. Is striped bass suited for sous vide?

I use sous vide as a tool in the kitchen on a regular basis. Over the years I've developed some preferences and recognize that as a tool, there are some jobs it does well, and other jobs where traditional cooking methods simply produce a better result. For me, I prefer fish cooked using traditional methods, and I would use the stove, oven, or grill before I chose sous vide. Having said that, striped bass works better sous vide that many other varieties. It is firm and fairly forgiving. So, your plan is reasonable. A brief brine could help maintain the texture, if that is something you are interested in. There are numerous recipes on the internets.

6. Is lots of red juice normal when making sous-vide steak?

Usually a steak at a restaurant is allowed to "rest" for 10 minutes before being served, perhaps that helps? Also, cooking in a normal method gives more opportunity for moisture to escape.OK, I am just winging it, I do not have a sous-vide set up yet

7. How to Sous Vide Chicken Wings?

The FDA recommends cooking poultry for 15 seconds at 74C/165 FThis though, is a ridiculously high temperature. The food safety of chicken and turkey has long been a subject of concern because poultry can harbor Salmonella and other pathogens. There is a big gap, however, between the best scientific information on safe cooking temperatures for poultry and official guidelines for cooking poultry published by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. Scientific research as of 2010, finds that poultry meat is safe to eat when cooked to 60 C / 140 F and held at that temperature for 20 minutes; shorter holding times are sufficient at higher temperatures.For best bets, The Modernist Cuisine recommends cooking chicken wings sous vide at 65 C / 150 F for 1 hour. You mentioned that your current method experiences a loss of weight and hold?It's recommended to brine wings in an alkaline salt solution before cooking sous vide. This technique - similar to that traditionally used in Kung Poa chicken - will tenderize the meat and enhances Maillard reactions (the crisping and browning).Brine solution: Procedure: From here you can season and fry your wings as you have been. References: FDA Food Code: 3-401.11 Modernist Cuisine at Home: Page 245, 249, XXV

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