Am I Crazy for Having This Many Jewelry/ Accessories?

no you just love jewelry! do you wear it all?

1. What are the spring fashion trends celebrity styles for jewelry and accessories this season?

The high waisted skirts are very very in. The look happened to be in Marc Jacobs. Gray jeans are in from the Rock and Republic show. The metallic and blue and bright colors are in this season according to

2. do you have to own a company to sell jewelry and accessories to boutiques? What kind of money do you get paid?

at 16, you may not do this legally, unless mom or dad set up the company but you can deliver the goods and you are automatically a company when mom or dad ACTS like they have one, it is called a 'proprietorship" when m or d do their research, they can determine "how much each of you gets paid' by doing a series of calculations. and selling jewelry is wayyyyy beyond being difficult cause about 1,000 people a week try to do so and no one NEEDs it so the market PIE is very very small find UNMET needs find your passions and work from that angle

3. Can anyone give me a basic guideline of what jewelry and accessories to wear with what clothing?

i think it is black if you are wearing white

4. opening a boutique need name for it. This will be pictures, jewelry accessories and will be doing trade shows?

Charmed collections

5. What makes vintage clothing, jewelry, accessories vintage?

Generally speaking, "vintage" is approx. 50 years old. However, there are exceptions for items that are instantly associated with a certain time. For example: peace signs, go-go boots, mini skirts are from the 1960's. The 70's had it's own Victorian Revival with high lace collars, filigree jewelry. The 80's had heavy goldtone collar necklaces, etc. Even though these items are not quite 50 years old, most people would accept them as "vintage".

6. What color shoes, jewelry, accessories etc should I wear with this nude prom dress!?

A similar type of shoes as these, the colour goes well. And I would recommend rose gold jewelry :) such as the headband like that

7. What's the website that sells cheap jewelry/accessories?

cheap? and good Quality very well .mayyou can get a surprise!good luck!

8. where can i buy TOTALLY AWESOME teen jewelry and accessories?

Try looking on etsy =) They have tons of cute home made and DIY jewlery

9. what are some good online stores that have cute, cheap jewelry and accessories?

try going to bargain box my good friend goes there and gets abercrombie hollister clothes or you can go to trianglemall and go to gadzooks they haave alloft of forever21 stuff it really cute they even have pearlsthere yay

10. I'm looking to start a clothing/jewelry/accessories boutique. Need a name!!!?

Simply chic? (make the S capitalized cause its the first letter of Sonia)

11. can you find jewelry and accessories for these 2 outfits? 1st day of 9th grd! Which outfit do you like better?

well.....first, both outfits r great.....personally n since am a lil' sporty (comfy clothes not too...?!! LoL) i will go with the second shirt with a pair of jeans n a converse if u want or even the first shoes....... and of course it's up to u eventually...^_^' ....hope it helps..^_^'

12. How can we make people more addicted to purchasing more jewelry and accessories?

You create a perceived need. Advertisements via various means of media extolling the benefits of wearing the kind of jewelry you are promoting. These promotions gradually shift focus from being great for the wearer to being must haves for husband's and boyfriends to give their ladies. Over time you further promote not only how much your man does not love you if he does not give this jewelry in each holiday and birthday. Then you start a pricing campaign where you advertise all the pieces of this line are melted down to before cost prices. The reality is you have in reality raised the already steep prices by say . . . maybe 25%. After all, no one wants to die for can not live without jewelry that is inexpensive. It will take a few years but it wo not be hard to do

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