A Good Eyeshadow Palette Similar to Coastal Scents 88 Palette?

Sephora has a palette called the Sephora Brand Color Play Palette for $24. Ulta carries a brand called Jasmine La Belle Cosmetics, and that brand has a ton of palettes. I've never tried them, but they look okay. I do not think you are going to be able to find a palettes EXACTLY like it, because they are all sold online. If you are willing to order online, BH Cosmetics has really similar palettes, at similar prices. I think a 120 Palette is like $30 and the 88 Palette is around $20. Good luck!com

1. Where can I get a cheap eyeshadow palette that has a lot of good colors?

I've tried Claire's and I can not recommend. The pigments are very weak... which might be ok if all you want is a subtle wash of color. You may have better luck with the sephora pallets, though I have not personally tried those. Now I usually only keep the higher-end stuff and do not bother about grocery store makeup, but I've actually been very happy with some (not all) of the Lore'l H.I.P. duos. the bright blue combination is lovely. You can also double your bronzer as a very natural looking eyeshadow... then highlight with a lighter color.

2. Which eyeshadow palette do you like better?

personally, I like them all, but to the answer to your question- warm

3. which should i get first the naked palette or a mac eyeshadow palette with colors?

Naked palette and work your way up to colours

4. What's a really good neutral/natural eyeshadow palette that's affordable?

So I love ELF! It's so affordable. I would get a couple of Essential Custom compacts (They are quads) $1 or you can buy a MAC palette that fits 15 eyeshadows (Which also fits ELF eyeshadows) for $25 on Amazon. And these are the colours I suggest buying each for $1: -Moondust (I own, and I love!!) -Mocha (I also own and love) -Golden glow -Pink Ice -Truly pink -Wisteria These are just elf, but also MAC eyeshadows fit into the quads, the only one I suggest is Naked Lunch. Another alternative is e.l.f. Essential Beauty School 5-Piece Duo Eyeshadow Collections. Hope I helped!! xoxoxoxo

5. what do you think of this eyeshadow palette?

Yes there all neutral colors and go great together

6. Is the Coastal Scents Eyeshadow Palette better quality than the Sephora Brand?

i have a sephora brand shadow palette thing (the rectangular one with shadows, then slide out lip gloss underneath, then blushes n powders etc at the bottom) and i do not like it. do not know why i ever bought it. From what i've seen from Youtube make-up tutorials, a lot of them uses coastal scents palettes and the colours look AMAZING. i am actually planning on purchasing one myself. and for the price, coastal scents is definately WAY cheaper. seeing how the shadows look on the make-up tutorials after application, it shows the CS shadows are very pigmented

7. Should I get Urban Decay's Deluxe eyeshadow palette or the Wallpaper palette?

i do like the deluxe palette you can do alot of different things with those colors. hope this helps.

8. Which eyeshadow palette should i get??(Duwop)?

honestly, i am not a big fan of du eyeshadow. in my experience, it does not show up well. for the price, you can get a better palette. urban decay is a great brand for eyeshadow. if you are looking for a palette, my go-to is urban decay's urban ammo palette. the colors are versatile and i will think you will be happy with it. another option is urban decay's sustainable shadow box, which is nice because it comes with eyeshadow primer and that stuff is awesome, particularly in the summer months when you might sweat off your make-up. however, if you are set on getting one of the du palettes, i would go with the purple one. i know you do not have it listed, but the amber eyes du palette would also be flattering.

9. Do you need a pro card to get the 15x pro eyeshadow palette from Mac?

MAC Counters do not sell the Pro Palettes. However, you do not need a Pro Card to purchase one from a MAC Freestanding Store or from a Pro Store. You only need a Pro Card to order from the online Pro Website. You can order the palette from the MAC Website, not the Pro Website without a Pro Card if you do not have a Freestanding Store near you

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